ANZ's wholesale funding activities are centrally managed by Group Treasury, which is headquartered in Melbourne, with representation in Sydney, Hong Kong, London and Wellington. Issuance is undertaken in the name of:

  • Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
  • ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited and ANZ New Zealand (Int'l) Limited
  • ANZ Wealth Australia Limited

Funding is raised in a variety of formats, including:

  • certificates of deposit, commercial paper and extendible notes
  • senior unsecured debt
  • covered bonds
  • subordinated debt and hybrid capital

The cornerstone of ANZ's funding strategy is to meet all funding requirements in a manner that achieves diversification by product, currency, geography and tenor, while maintaining a stable and prudent maturity profile. 

ANZ aims to build liquid yield curves in it's core funding currencies via regular, but not frequent, benchmark issuance in AUD, USD, JPY and EUR.  In addition to the benchmark issuance program, ANZ's funding programs are structurally flexible, allowing specific solutions to be tailored to meet investor requirements in a variety of currencies and structures.

ANZ's largest source of funding is derived from domestic markets, in both Australia and New Zealand, with offshore wholesale funding requirements declining in recent years as a result of strong deposit growth across all divisions.

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